The Larval Dynamic Energy Budget (DEB) Model of the European Flat Oyster, and its Application to the Belgian Part of the North Sea

Chenrui Yang

Ostrea edulis as native European flat oyster is encountering recovering difficulties after being extensively exploited for centuries. Larvae metamorphosis is the phase of flat oysters which has high mortality due to metamorphosis drains a great amount of energy. Here, we use the dynamic energy budget (DEB) model to simulate the individual metabolism with the focus on larvae, es- pecially modelling metabolism and energy changes during the metamorphosis. This model allows to represent one individual’s energy flow and functions through modelling. The model has been added and refined with new coefficient in calculations. Then a simulation of the potential sites in the Belgian’s part of the North Sea using this model to decide which one is the advantageous site. This simulation result can be benefitial in choosing better site(s) for larvae to settle and to have a faster growth.