Managing and administrating research placements, thesis research and regular internships is for many master programmes a challenging task. Matix has been developed to help programme managers in the administrative organization of these educational modules in an efficient way making use of advanced workflows. Matix was developed in the context of the MarineTraining.eu platform answering to a practical need from some large and international programmes (e.g. www.imbrsea.eu).

Possibilities with Matix are:

  • For internships:
    • Administration of institutional partnerships  
    • Creation of internship catalogue
    • Selection of internships by students
    • Follow up progress of students in an internship by intership providers as well as the academic supervisors
    • Reporting and evaluation of intenship reports and portfolios
  • For thesis research
    • Administration of institutional partnerships  
    • Creation of thesis research catalogue
    • Selection of the thesis
    • Follow up of the thesis research by all involved parties
    • Feedback and evaluation platform for thesis readers
    • Thesis presentation follow up system including streaming video and live presentation evaluation system
    • Thesis scoring system

Matix is a service provided by MarineTraining.eu. Matix can be used by any Master Programme for a reasonable budget (mainly used for the development of the programme specific workflows and support). Please contact matix@marinetraining.eu for more information.