Developing traceability tools for fish, crustaceans and shellfish

Tracing seafood has become an important method to ensure seafood safety and consumer. Further, the development of reliable and accurate scientific based traceability tools has implications for environmental, social and legal affairs, related to seafood trade, such as illegal fishing and harvesting.

The main task of this RPP will be to review  the current legislation on food and in particular, marine food traceability while also focusing on the current traceability tools for fish, crustaceans and shellfish, covering questions such as: Why do we need such traceability tools, the analytical method used and how successful are such tools are, how are they implemented by authorities and what are the current traceability tool requirements of the marine food industry.

This review will build the base for a grant proposal, to apply for funds to continue research on accurate tracing tools applicable across Ireland and Europe.

Additional costs to be covered by the student: