Finalize & Create content for Kahi Kai (unique Ocean) website and social media (RPP15)

Kahi Kai ("Unique Ocean" in Hawaiian) is a French-Hawaiian non-profit organisation that aims to highlight the curiosity, fragility and beauty of the marine biodiversity in order to promote the interest of all in the protection of this marine world. This marine biodiversity is essential for the health of the ecosystems of our planet but also for humanity. The non-profit organisation Kahi Kai connects scientists to scientists through scientific tools and importantly scientists to the general public through exhibitions, conferences and workshops. Kahi Kai is composed of scientists and people passionate about nature, discoveries and adventure. Some of them have taken part of some expeditions such as TARA Oceans and TARA Pacific (Tara Foundation), Hōkūle'a (Pacific Voyaging Society) or Va'a Motu (Explore Foundation), to discover the wonders of our planet. One of Kahi Kai's major projects is to image, through unique portraits, the biodiversity of the marine world in order to illustrate the beauty, elegance and curiosity of these fascinating organisms, but also to understand the place of each in the encountered cultures.


About the proposed project: Starting from the initial website that was created in 2008, we have begun to update and simplify our new web presence ( and a social media presence. The proposed project for 6 students, is to participate in finalising the new website and creating content for the website as well as the social media (instagram, twitter, etc…).


- Implement pre-existing content from old site, to new site

- Implement the « Lérins Biodiversité » campaign on the platform

- Create Basic information (including keywords that we can use for database) and interesting facts for species we have images from

- Create new content / outreach articles for a chosen topic (by the student. ex. scientific expeditions, blue economy, )

- Create community/network (to welcome contributions from students, scientists or the laymen, double internal validation (text quality and image quality))

- Propose other ideas to improve the website and better connect to the scientific community and the general public

Additional costs to be covered by the student: