The ocean crew: understanding our connection with the ocean (RPP10)

Many professionals working in a marine environment do have a non-marine background. In many emerging blue economies, there is a need for well-skilled people that also have a good understanding of the ocean. Until now no online curriculum exists that can be taken by marine professionals. The goal of this RPP is to design and work out an online curriculum in which the trainees receive good and profound knowledge on the  ocean's influence in their lives as well as their influence in the ocean. As a basic guideline the Ocean Literacy principles will be followed. The online course should potentially lead to certification in a later stage. Students engaging in this course will fully design the course (at different levels) and will implement it within a Moodle platform.

This RPP could be divided in two sub-RPP’s where each team focuses on a specific set of Ocean Literacy principles

Additional costs to be covered by the student: