Reproductive biology of deep-sea fishes

The student will have the opportunity to integrate the Fish Stock Assessment team of the Department of Oceanography and Fisheries - University of the Azores to contribute in some activities related to: (1) Bibliographical review of gonad histology in demersal fish species; (2) Sample collection and preparation of slides; (3) Analyses of histological samples of demersal fish gonad; (4) Defining criteria for the identification of gonadal stages (maturity stage) of demersal fish; (5) Creating a histologic photographic database. Integrating the scientific team on demersal longline surveys; (6) Preparing reports and scientific papers.

Language requirements: 
English or Portuguese or Spanish.
Specific competences required : 
Some skills in histology and microscopy.
Safety issues: 
Accommodation possibilities : 
There is a possibility of accomodation at the host institute houses, but there is no guarantee that there will be full time openings. The student must communicate the interest in advance to verify. The housing costs to be forecast are 250 Euro/month. Help may be offered to find housing in the city centre.
Additional costs to be covered by the student: 
Describe the additional costs to be covered by the student: 
Benchfees: 225 Euro/month