Asturias Marine Observatory

The Asturias Marine Observatory (OMA) is an Strategic Aggregation of research groups active in the field of ocean environment, management and conservation. Activities range from rocky shore ecology, genetics of marine organisms, management of living resources, and conservation of coastal habitats. The students may support the OMA during field sampling surveys, sampleprocessing in the laboratory, data analysis or other related activities. Examples of areas of interest: 1) Project PERCEBES, on the development of tools for the spatial management of gooseneck barnacle populations; 2) Development of management tools and monitoring series for the MSC-certified octopus fishery in the Western Asturian Coast (; 3) Ecology of intertidal algae, limpets and other intertidal organisms; 5) Social-ecological response of small-scale fisheries to future climate change scenarios. We are open to other projects that fit this research line.

Language requirements: 
Specific competences required : 
Not required, but appreciated: compertence in difficult sampling conditions, diving licence
Safety issues: 
Students may dive and may be in contact with toxic chemicals
Accommodation possibilities : 
Wide availability of rental apartments
Additional costs to be covered by the student: