Organization of a Sustainable Aquaculture Workshop

The student will help set up and coordinate the organization of a workshop with the aquaculture sector (researchers, producers, industry, stakeholders and consumers) and the general public. The main goal of the workshop will be to promote an exchange of information and a better understanding about the different points of view concerning various aspects of sustainability in aquaculture. It will also aim at generating awareness about sustainable consumption of seafood, which is key for sustainable development.  Finally, the student will be responsible for the production of a report which will sum up the workshop activities.

The basic layout of the work program is as follows:

  1. Arrange a venue for the workshop (for 1 or 2 days) and establish other partnerships necessary for the organization and promotion of the event.
  2. Assist in establishing the priority subjects that must be included in the workshop.
  3. Establish contacts with various stakeholders within the aquaculture sector.
  4. Prepare outreach materials on aquaculture sustainability to deliver during the workshop.
  5. Coordinate and intermediate the registration of participants.
  6. Promote the event using Sciaena's website and social media.
  7. Ensure media coverage of the event.
  8. Produce a final report about the workshop.

In global terms, the student will have the opportunity to be integrated in an ENGO with consistent and recognized work on marine conservation both at national and European level, and develop skills that are not only useful for ENGO work, but also for other kinds of positions in the public and private sector.

Language requirements: 
English and Basic Portuguese
Specific competences required : 
Good organizational and communication skills.
Safety issues: 
Accommodation possibilities : 
Although the NGO cannot provide housing, we can assist in finding a room/apartment.
Additional costs to be covered by the student: