Impacts and adaptation of fisheries to shifting stocks

Climate change is already impacting coastal fisheries and trans-boundary fish stocks, both in ecological and socio-economic terms. Evidence on these shifts needs to be analyzed in order to understand the magnitude of shifts, the location of scientific knowledge and the impact of the fishing activity. The student will be able to get to know the fisheries and will be able to collaborate with an active group of researchers at Future Oceans Lab.

Language requirements: 
Specific competences required : 
we are looking for a highly motivated student, willing to engage in a multidisciplinary research group and able to deliver results in time. Interest in marine policy and management is a plus, and skills on programming (R), GIS, and statistics is highly valued.
Safety issues: 
no safety issues involved in the thesis project.
Accommodation possibilities : 
the student will have a desk space in campus with the group, but no accommodation is available. Although if the students look for accommodation possibilities, there is a residence close to university.
Additional costs to be covered by the student: