Develop and optimize passive fisheries techniques for the Belgian part of the North Sea

The objective of this topic is to obtain basic knowledge of passive fisheries techniques in the Belgian part of the North Sea (BPNS). The obtained knowledge will lead towards a new design for North sea proof passive fishing gear. Different methods will be evaluated for application in the BPNS based on a desk study, followed by tests in the lab and when successful in situ. We will conduct tests with both conventional and high-tech passive fishing gear, innovative techniques such as LED light, acoustic stimuli or odor, to attract and catch the target species.

Although passive fisheries is seldom used in BPNS, expertise from experiments performed in the past with different gear types is available within the consortium working on the project. If the trials are successful, Flanders can help a part of the Flemish fishing fleet to transform to passive fisheries to improve sustainability and export its expertise to other countries.

Language requirements: 
English and (preferably) Flemish
Accommodation possibilities : 
No accomodation available, but help can be offered with finding housing in Oostende/Gent.
Additional costs to be covered by the student: