Microplastics and their associated microbial communities

Microplastic is very common at sea and it permeates any environment and is found in virtually any organism. we sample for microplastics in the Mediterranean Sea, mainly in the Gulf of Naples, to assess their concentration in the sea and also to investigate the microbial community colonizing the pieces. The potential student will participate to sampling cruises, counts pieces at the binocular, and assist in analyzing pieces by Scanning Electron Microscopy. He/she will also learn how to extract DNA for further sequencing and bioinformatic analysis. The project aims at finding biomarkers of the age of the plastic pieces and eventually understand their paths once released in the water.



Language requirements: 
english (main), french, italian
Specific competences required : 
basic lab manipulation skills (pipetting, preparing solutions, etc.)
Safety issues: 
fixatives, alcohol, lysis buffers
Accommodation possibilities : 
no housing is available. A canteen is available in the institute
Additional costs to be covered by the student: