Socioeconomic impacts of closed fishing season in Davao Gulf in the income and livelihood of fishers families

The student will help in the analysis of the data based on the survey that was taken as well as assist in interviews of key informants in the study areas. Moreover, the student is expected to have a background in quantitative and qualitative data analyses and able to write a technical output based on the outcomes of the survey. Day to day routine in the office includes data encoding, analyses and writing as well as additional sampling of data. 

Language requirements: 
Specific competences required : 
Ability to use GIS and SPSS software would be a plus
Safety issues: 
There are no safety issues in the fieldwork areas
Accommodation possibilities : 
There are housing available in the area, rental is about 3000-5000 pesos (50-100 euros) a month. However these are not fully furnished meaning, she/he needs to buy the mattress and the pillow as well as basic kitchen stuffs if needed. Otherwise he can also eat outside or buy food stuffs outside.
Additional costs to be covered by the student: