Ecology and biology of cod, herring and flatfishes in the Baltic Sea

Fish stock assessments require proper knowledge of the biology and ecology of commercial fish species. Despite numerous studies in the Baltic Sea, there are still surprisingly many gaps in knowledge in this region. We investigate e.g. age determination, feeding ecology, growth or distributional patterns of cod, herring and flatfishes. This involves analysis of available data, participation in ongoing data collections and work in our laboratories. The specific topic will be discussed and can be chosen from different areas - depending on the interests of the student and the current research foci from the Living Aquatic Resources group.

Language requirements: 
English; German is of course helpful but not necessary
Specific competences required : 
very good knowledge in biometry
Safety issues: 
Not relevant
Accommodation possibilities : 
No accomodation possibilites at OF. OF can help with finding housing. Housing costs: approx. 250-350 Euro/month
Additional costs to be covered by the student: